58. WBC Convention


28.07.2020 14:47 Uhr
Jack Schmidli (Traduction: Franca Roncoroni)

La 58 ° Assemblea generale annuale della WBC World Boxing Association avrebbe avuto luogo a Pietroburgo. Tuttavia, a causa della pandemia globale, la convention di quest'anno si terrà in modo virtuale dal 12 al 15 agosto. Tutti sono cordialmente invitati a questa convenzione. L'evento si terrà in inglese e spagnolo. 

Link per iscriversi


Invitation text in english

The WBC voted to hold its 58th annual convention in St. Petersburg, Russia, but due to the medical and travel restrictions, the country is closed until September. 

For this reason, we decided to conduct a virtual convention, which will be held from August 12 to August 15.  The opening ceremony will be on August 12, 2020.   It will be a new and different experience, but we are confident that it will be a success. Times of the events will be carefully scheduled considering the time zone of the world.

During this virtual convention we will deal with an important number of matters for the benefit of boxing, reason why we are inviting you to join us in this important event.

Following is the link for registration, which will be you the right to access and virtually attend all the meetings during these days. There will not be access without registration due to technology and for the assurance of successful and efficient meetings.


Please accept my very best regards and hope to see you during this virtual event.

Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar